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Peace please game


The main outcome of the project “Changing the Game: Developing a Culture of Peace in Organisations” is a card game, which can be played with or without facilitation. Our game Peace Please introduces players to a Culture of Peace by letting them discuss challenges that can be experienced in an organisation (or during team work) and possible responses to them. By playing the game it becomes clear how one can put a Culture of Peace into practice with everyday actions in the work environment.

The game

The driving idea behind the game is that more peaceful dynamics inside organisations will contribute to more peaceful dynamics in the world. Our organisations wanted to contribute to peace in the world, and noticed that internal group dynamics could be just as challenging as the ‘bigger world problems’. Therefore, we wanted to provide a tool for organisations that would help dealing with  ‘external’ as well as ‘internal’’ social challenges. Improving dealing with challenges in the organisation, sometimes related to challenges in society as well, will increase the overall well-being of members in these organisations and enhance their capacity to contribute to society. 


The aim of Peace Please is to create a conversation between players about developing a Culture of Peace within their organisation, reflecting on how they would like to respond to different kinds of challenges they may face.


The goal of players during the game is to overcome Challenges described on the cards collectively as a team, by choosing Action cards together. It is a cooperative game, in which players need to engage in a process of collective decision-making.



It takes just 25-30 minutes to play, all you need is your colleagues or team members


You can play it in any settings where you can find table and chairs to seat.


The possible visualisation of the rules for the bigger workshop