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The guide


The Guide explains core concepts, theories, and methodologies that informed and inspired the game. It is recommended for a facilitator or a person who would like to introduce the game in their organisation to become familiar with it - the intention behind the game, tools and attitudes which the game promotes, and how to make the best use of them. Additionally, the Guide provides information about the game, description of the cards, how to facilitate a game-play session and evaluate the process.


The guide

The guide is intended to help us begin to see what’s not working in our working environment. It aims to support organisations by bringing awareness as well as tools and methods that can contribute to bringing a shift towards a culture based on nonviolent actions and principles that create peace.


In the Guide you will find concepts, theories, and methodologies which not only laid the ground for the game, but are also very practical ways of thinking and looking for solutions for the work in an organisation.

These are:

  • Two models to understand violence and peace
  • A definition and explanation of the Culture of Peace
  • The Culture of Peace Competence Wheel
  • The Work that Reconnects
  • Empathic communication and listening
  • Sociocracy
  • Mindfulness
  • The two hands of nonviolence
  • The Social Change Roles

With a set of reflection questions in the Guide each organisation can check how their actions and group dynamics are close or far from the presented approaches. Exploring the Action cards of the Peace Please game you will have a starting point to change the organisational culture and create a more peaceful work environment. And with the Competence Wheel you can see how you’re making progress.