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Tadej's transformation

I feel proud of myself because I was able to change my mindset from negative to positive, I had a period of 78 days without alcohol and I've improved my communication skills.

I worked as best as I could at the given moment despite of my previous conditions.

Radi Vidi Pats couldn't have done it better, as they offered me the best support in the work environment as well as in the psychological and emotional field.
What I'm taking with me is many fine memories of people and events, awareness about my abilities and new skills in the field of communication.
I'm leaving in RVP after me a lot of fixed items, as well as some new products I made by recycling wood waste.  I hope they will be in use for a long time!

Before I came here my general ability of communication was very limited, specially in stressful situations. This new ability to communicate with people gave me motivation to go out into the world for new experiences in the field of work. I will never forget how able I was to bypass old patterns of behavior and use new ones in the most important moments of the project.

At first I did not have any thought. I came, I tried my best at the moment, and I succeeded.

During my time here I realized how many talents I naturally have. So I started to use them, and it also helped to my self confidence a lot.

The most difficult thing was to suppress my ego instead of reacting aggressively in situations where anytime and anywhere before it would be impossible for me to do so.
The best thing was the self-awareness and recognition of the people I have lived and worked with, meaning that I've improved in a positive direction.
I can not mention only one person who helped me the most, that would be unfair as everyone in my immediate area in the team supported me in my growth. Thanks to all of you.

The “Solidarity Seekers” project is funded by the European Commission's European Solidarity Corps program, which is administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Youth Programs. The article reflects the views only of the author.