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I didn't choose Georgia, but Georgia chose me

So now I will have to spend a year here. It seems a lot, but in fact here time seems to be flying, seems only yesterday I arrived in my new home, but it's been about two weeks. The first thing that came into min – If you survive Georgia you will survive all your life. I was surprised that cows and pigs are on the streets by themselves and they return to the owner at evenings themselves too.

Georgia surprises. My head is full of impressions that I can’t yet express in words. Georgia is mind blowing. For instance, here you can find a magnificent house in the district of a very poor neighborhood.
I guess my recommendation for choosing EVS is to challenge yourself and go to a country which you never thought you could live in. In the project it is also very important to do things what you like and make you satisfied because the main idea is to feel good and happy. In Georgia, I feel that I come from the best country in the world (of course Latvia is the best country in the world, at least to me) because for them Latvia is something very is special. I guess this is the country that won't ask where is Latvia or is there icebergs in our sea.
Georgians are very friendly and hospitable people. A great tradition here is the TOAST OF TRIBUTE, it is impossible to describe it, you need to experience it yourself.
Until this moment, I am very happy with my choice. Will see where it takes me.
P.S. No one can forbid to live beautifully!

Liene Stale

Project “European House in Guria: Extended” is realized within the "Erasmus+: Youth in Action” programme and is financed by European Union.