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#13 Hitchhiking Baltic Tour


How's it going?

It's been a long since I'm not around here writting this blog. No excuses: after one week, that amazing story I wanted to tell about my Hitchhiking trip around Baltics started to seem reeeeally long and (probably) unnecessary. So I was sitting in front of the screen writing but because some technical issues I ended up postponing and postponing; and in the end: nothing.

I actually might have loads of things to speak about the trip. It was live-changing. It was challenging as f*ck, but at the same time eeeasy and smooth. It was intense, funny, unexpected.

But I have one problem: I don't feel like to talk about it anymore. Somehow, I guess the time has passed, and I believe telling the story won't add nothing new to this world. So here I am again, sitting in front of the screen trying to end up what I started. 

The trip was something like:

 The idea was to travel in the lowest cost way possible, by hitchhiking and couchsourfing. If you travel this way, there's no much space for planning. For example, on the fifth day we got stuck in Balvi and we couldn't reach the city we wanted to sleep in (at others volunteers's house). So we had to rent a room in a hostel. And the next day, to take a bus to Rēzekne. 

There's no much point for me in describing what kind of adventures or random situations we had every different day. Because everyday was full of them, every single moment was and adventure itself. And it's veeeery long to tell. So I would like to have the priviledge to keep it for myself. But. Now that I look at it with perspective, I can tell some of the big learnings I had from that experience.

-If you want to do something, just freaking do it. But do it now.

-Life is about receiving and paying back. The most I receive, the most I want to give back.

-Don’t plan much. We cannot have control over things anyways.

-Hitchhiking tip: No worries, the right car will always come.

-Never say no to a drive, even if it’s for 10km.

-You can survive 10 intense days eating snickers, fruit, tomatoes and bread with hummus.

-Never miss an opportunity to drink water.

-Daily fights with your travel partner are inevitable, even with the best communication.

-Celebrate every little victory as if it were a great triunf.

-Enjoy the little beautiful things of every moment.Tomorrow might be worst.

-The key for overpassing the hard situations is humor. For real.

-There's good people ready to help you everywhere.

-Smiling and being grateful will open you all the doors among people.