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Gloria about the project "Language within us"

Hey there, it's Gloria.

Do you remember me? I used to be active on this webpage in 2020.

I came back from Latvia a month ago. Somehow I am getting used to coming back from what I already call my second home. It is a special feeling. Weird. This time, I was only there for half a month. I went to participate in a training course, "Language within us", where I learned that communication is far from being only verbal and that it is not even necessary to share the same language to understand each other. As a psychologist (although I seem to be moving further and further away from what seems to be the established path to a professional career) and also an introvert by nature, I like to think of language also as a way of communicating with ourselves. And this is where the tool of free writing comes in. I think it's a simple and gentle way to get out all that we have in our minds but can't see. And since I am also a writing person, I decided that the activity I was going to do to continue spreading what I had already learned in the training was going to be that.

So I took advantage of the fact that this weekend we got together a bunch of friends (women only) to have a good time with lots of feminine vibes to do the activity. It was something simple, starting with about 4 minutes of freewriting from the sentence: "When the last ray of sunlight falls and the light hides on the horizon, I feel..." which continued by selecting the 5 most important words for them from that text. Then I played with those words, generating new ones, and from the latter, they had to write a poem that turned out to be a reflection of the mood of each one of them at that moment.

The activity was short (with a previous introduction about what Erasmus+ and non-formal education has taught me and brought me at all levels), but, again, it made me surprised about the power that the tool of free and creative writing has on us. Through language, we can bring out all that resides here, with us. Isn't it beautiful? 

The project "Language within us" us was financed with the support of
European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia
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