Fonta izmērs


First impressions

The world keeps on turning and youth keeps on dedicating their energy for the common good. In this case two Latvian volunteers went to Latinovac, a small village in Croatia where they help locals, learn about gardening, permaculture, other cultures and themselves. Both of them noted down their first impressions. 


I came to Croatia with the expectation of warm and sunny weather. As I stepped out of a car in Croatian countryside, I breathed in fresh air. However, the next day and the upcoming week turned out to be cold and rainy. Therefore we learned how to make fire to keep ourselves warm.

We got to know the surroundings: the nearest village with a grocery store is 3 km away and no public transportation goes there. Whether we walk or cycle, we have to overcome steep hills. But landscapes are so worth it!

Every day crossing the village, I pass by friendly locals who greet me. I answer in mixed Croatian, Russian and body language.

Also many animals find home here. We wake up to sheep baaing, roosters sing all day long, cats hunt for their food and birds chirp, chanting spring. Sounds of nature are so relaxing! The most interesting entertainment is to observe living creatures growing and a variety of colors and shapes in flowers. Likewise everything in nature is in cycles, this adventure is a process too. Everything is moving, developing and going on. I don't know where this will lead me, but I let it take me as destined.


The road to Latinovac was long - 2 flights with a stopover of 6 hours in Zurich, but I enjoyed that I can travel again. Before arriving in Latinovac I spent 3 days in Zagreb, it was nice and I am eager to discover different places of Croatia and its culture.

The people are very nice and we are interacting so well. We worked in the garden, I planted tomato seeds in the soil and made compost. Everyday is - learning something new. The hosting family is nice, I made fire for the first time. Only the WiFi connection and mobile coverage aren't as good as I expected.

I am excited for upcoming days. The weather first week was rainy and cold, but now it is getting warmer and sunny as it was supposed to be. And the food is freshly made everyday and tastes amazing. 

Today we learned croatian language and I am surprised that some words are similar tu russian, so I am able to understand it. The project organisation is very well maintained, everything is clear. I like the morning Circle by saying our inner weather, it is a new approach for explaining how I am.

The closest shop is 3 km, so it requires planning and it is time to enjoy a long walk and the beautiful landscape of Latinovac with mountains and forest. 

Overall it is a new experience for me as a volunteer and I am willing to make the most of it. 

The “Sustainable Community Development Step 2” project is funded by the European Commission's European Solidarity Corps program. The article reflects the views only of the authors.