#4 Kety's interview


 Name: Kety


Age: 26


Where are you from?: from Georgia


When did you arrive to Latvia?: 24th of July 2019


When is going to end your project?: 27th of July 2020


In what city do you live?: Liepaja, Nica's municipality



Describe your organisation. What were you doing there before the quarantine?: Nīcas jauniešu centrs- Nica's youth centre. Full of energy and activities. I did different kind of activities, like: movie day, cooking day, craft day, competition day, game day, English day, Georgian traditions presentation day, etc.


What happened when the quarantine started? Did your organisation closed?: Yes, my youth centre also closed.


How were you feeling when everything started?: Scared and confused.


How is the situation in the place you live? (your city in Latvia) Is it different from the situation in your origin country?: Same, everyone stay home for their safety, sometimes they go out for shopping.


What are your feelings now, during quarantine? How is your everyday routine?: My sleep time has changed :) I'm watching movies, speaking with my family and friends... I started to learn a new language. Also I do my hobbies (handmade and care of flowers), sometimes I go for a walk or with the bicycle to shore and forest. I have discovered a lot of beautiful spots in this place where I'm living.






Have you think on going home?: I think it's more dangerous to go home now than to stay here. Travel isn't safe in this situation, in my opinion.


What are your expectations about the end of this situation?: Crisis, more poor people without jobs. More crime. Expensive products and travels, but in the end, of course, I have a big HOPE everything will be fine soon.