Who we are?


In 2005 we were ten, two just out of the EVS in Spain and Italy, one hyperactive can-do youth center worker, seven highschoolers and first year students who wanted to, or at least thought they wanted to live healthy, environmentally friendly and wanted to help their peers who were stuck in idleness and deadlock.

It is 2015 and. Ten years have passed and we are 13 now – three from the already mentioned group the other ten completely different and diverse people. But we are more than just two, which is a mistaken assumption in society. Yes, two us have the same surname and live in the same address, but there are more members in our organization. And you can find us not only in Liepaja but also Kuldiga and abroad. Some of us have gone away for a longer period of time, but some have just recently returned back home. From time to time we are joined by outsiders from all over the Europe. Those are young people who either don’t have anything to do or they simply cannot come up with what they want to do, so they decided to join us for a few months or even a year to participate in projects or create their own in here, Latvia, Kurzeme, Liepaja or Kuldiga. This way our organization has been enriched by volunteers from Belgium, Georgia, Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Serbia, Greek, Italy, Hungary and Estiona. Usually the so called EVS projects turn into rich experience of living together where even if there was a plan at the start, in the end days mix up with the nights and dates don’t matter anymore, but what matters – the unforgettable memories and relationships made.

Europe understands us better than the locals, even though with every year we try to concentrate more on local values and local activities for local youngsters. We are mainly active in Kurzeme and don’t even plan to compete with other regions. But since Europe understands us better, most often we survive with the support of programme Youth in Action, which now is called Erasmus Plus. Because of that our main activities are EVS projects, youth exchanges and trainings about sustainable lifestyle both in city and countryside. For the last four years we have been at our best when bicycles are involved. For us the freakier the bike the better, because then you fit right in the town where wind is born. That’s why we have finally made our own Create Your Own Bike workshop in Liepaja where many different initiatives take place.

What have we done so far?


Name of the organization: Radi Vidi Pats
Organization registered: 4th July, 2005
Registration number: 40008092287
Legal address: Vites street 10-1, Liepaja, Latvia LV-3401
Actual address: Kuģinieku street 5, Liepaja, Latvia LV-3401

Local project experience

2007 - Youth Initiative project on the promotion of foster families "Man is not a Lonely Island"
2009 - "Other Wind Sound Rhythm in a Path" - DJ, percussion and hip-hop workshops for young people of Liepaja
Since 2009 - "Black Currant Your Mind" - black currant joint work in Sabile on the 3rd week of July
2009 - 2012 - "Environment House" project based on green initiative, own responsibility and communal type of life attracting local and international activities.
2010 - Youth Initiative project – creative workshops on green living and recycling -"Do it Green"
2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017 – Freak Bike building workshops and veloculture festival “Boltik Baik”

Organizations experience in European Voluntary Service

Since 2006 – Radi Vidi Pats works as an EVS sending organization. First implemented collaborating with Germany, France and Macedonia
Since 2008 – organization is also an EVS hosting organization. Till now collaborating with Ķemeri National Park, Zaļenieku parish municipality, Liepaja Deaconic Center, Kuldiga district children and youth center and organization Radi Vidi Pats

Training organization experience:

Since 2010 we organize international non-formal education trainings about sustainable life style by inviting trainers from all over the world and from other organizations in Latvia.

International youth exchange organization experience: since 2006 we have implemented 9 international youth exchanges.

Camp organization experience:

2006 – Children and youth camp for Liepaja’s foster kids, Rucava, Latvia.
2007 – Children and youth camp for Liepaja’s and Riga’s foster kids. Fairytale world and Latvian traditions, at the end of the camp we celebrated Ligo, Mersrags, Latvia.
2008 – collaborating with Foundation for Environmental Education we organized children and youth camp for high-school students about ecology, Embute, Latvia.

Other skills and competences:

Project writing and management
Non-formal education training planning and management
Assisting people with disabilities
Bike creating, fixing and rent
Acquisition of foreign languages and translations ( English, Spanish, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Bosnian )
Graphic design and models
Transportation services (eight seats available)

Funding experience: Society Integration Foundation, European Commission programmes „Youth”, „Youth in Action”, „Grundtvig”, „Erasmus+”, LR Ministry of Culture, Kurzeme NGO Centre, LR Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, Liepaja city council, Liepaja Municipality institution „Culture Department", Liepaja City Municipal Education Department, Sorosa foundation, Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Charity shop "Otra Elpa".