"Zadiņi" in Launkalne.

Hello. I’m Kety from Georgia and I’m doing my volunteering project in Nica’s municipality youth centre.

Now I want to share about one of my small trip to Launkalne Zadini. It was something new and interesting to do after lockdown. Big opportunity to learn new skills like agro-cultural and planting. That place was exiting for relaxing, for entertaining and for learning new things. Local people are very hospitable and kind. There are also friendly dog, wild cows, cute ducks and cat. We were together volunteers from different countries, I knew some of them and some I met there.

Lago Zadini 1

 Our job was that help to local people and support them as we can. Planting vegetables and trees. Pick up flowers for wine (I saw it first wine by flower dandelions). I would like to tasty it one day. Build small entertaining house for children to play there. They made different workshops for us.

huerto Zadini


After work we did fire, cooked our own traditional dishes to share our country delicacies and tradition. Played funny games, spoke about our funny and horror stories, shared each other our future plans, our dreams and our experience in ESC project. Get to knew each other better and made friendship. I’m very satisfied to had a chance went there met volunteers and local people learnt agro-cultural business and help them. Thanks to RVP for this opportunity.

Hoguera Zadini


We did small trip around Launkalne by bicycle all together. Explored forest and fields made picknick. Saw beautiful places and took memorable pictures.

bike ride zadini



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