9 months in the city were the wind was born

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 My time in the city, where the wind and rain were born together (from my autumn experience :), is getting over. Approximately in two weeks I will be back at home (Tbilisi, Georgia)
September, the beginning of the project was hard for me in the school as well as in the city. Due to the difference in culture, mentality, traditions, weather conditions, food etc. between Georgia and Latvia, the process of adaptation has extended even after on-arrival training, which was held at the end of September last year.
I started the project with the introductpry presentation about myself and the country I came from. I did it almost for each pupil. 


In searching for a my role in the school, I was involved in everyday job routine. Attending sport lessons, taking part in different games during the break and after school activities, finally I found myself useful  for the students and teachers. I gained a huge experience and competence in relationship with children of different ages. By observing them realized how they understand a guy from foreign country, who does not look like or not equal to their teacher. I discovered that in communication with youth the most imortant part is to speak on their language to be more persuasive and respectful for them. 

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Also a big novativity what happened to me was assisting a technical and cleaning staff in the school. I have learnt new skills in householding.
Of course, also outside of the school I experienced a lot,l earnt new things with the help of my poor Russian language skills I survived desperation and the coldest winter (-18) in my life. I met new people and went to new places. I discovered hospitality of local Georgians in Liepaja. We celebrated Christmas and new years Eve together. I saved up my pocket money and managed to spend Christmas holiday in my hometown with my family. Actually, I can say that, the second semester was easier for me, because I feel more adapted to Latvian lifestyle.I got in contact with so many great, openminded people with whom I can have such a nice talks about so many different topics. For example, I met the head coach of FC 'Liepaja mogo' and become a fan of this football team and go to their matches.
That is all I decided to say in the end of the project. Best wishes to all of you!

The project Educate my ChurChil - church & children was financed by EU programme Erasmus + and Latvian Youth agency of international programmes.