A society to learn from

Sitting in a cool Georgian Youth for Europe office, which is located in Rustavi city, Georgia. Outside temperature is +37 degrees and it’s not even a maximum. I have always loved rain and thunderstorm, but in Georgia my passion has reached apogaea point, because I’m happy when shows up the smallest chance that it’s going to be bleak weather.

A bit about poop

Last time, when I looked back at my time in Iceland, I was writing in Latvian and it was “all flowers and sunshine”- how good it is here, and how many different things I can experience here. Now I am writing English, a reason for that, I could say, is: ”So my foreign friends would understand”, honestly and a bit sadly it is easier to write in English, I have to admit, but also for the friends! So, now I want to tell you more about some topics that are current here.

Jolanta's story

EVS S.P.E.C.I.A.L. in Latinovac,Croatia 2 months?

Felth like 2 weeks.

I would like to start with big thank you! It was the best two months in my life far away from Latvia and getting to know something new.

Croatia a big beatiful country full with great people to hitchhiking with. But first of all what we did there? Our topic was permaculture. What is permaculter? Permaculter is everything about gardening, composting, recycling leftouvers and feeding worms to get there pee for gardening.

Sergey fell in love with Georgia

My name is Sergey and I’m from Latvia. I’m volunteer in youth organization “House of Hope”. During last year I lost any motivation to do something because of routine, it was so boring. I didn’t feel any progress. But when I came here, to Georgia, as volunteer, my thoughts changed. I “came back to life”. I saw so much new things, that helps me go out from this “routine” and let me be active, as I was before. New emotions, new experience, new people, new views. I start to watch on thing from another view.

Unexpected 9 Months in Georgia.

Hello, reader! My name is Kaspars. As it has been already a week since I’ve been back home, in Latvia, here is my third and final article about my adventures in Georgia. I’ll tell you about my impressions, emotions and achievements.
It all started quite unexpectedly. Last August, only two weeks before my flight to Georgia, I casually found out about this opportunity to be a volunteer and work within the frames of this European Union program. I accepted the challenge, without really weighing the pros and cons.