#11 RVP birthday


I'm back in Liepāja but not for so long, it seems like I'm stoping home only for a few hours every time. Where I was last time? In Sabile. And for the best reason: it was the 15 birthday of Radi Vidi Pats! 


So last friday (3th July) around 20 people, some activists, some members, some volunteers, arrived to the beautiful countryside spot Agata's grandma has. All of us, we went in different ways. Me and Edīte, we went together by hitchhiking. It took us around 3 hours to arrive, but it was a super nice adventure in the end.


((This pic was in the moment we were in Aizpute waiting for someone who could drive us until Kuldīga. Some other RVP members passed with the car right next to us, so they took that picture! haha :D))

Autostop to Sabile


The birthday celebration was together with other project, so Saturday and Sunday we had also some speaking space/excursions/workshop time. I even collected a bit of amazing blue clay in the river to make natural cosmetics! <33

excursiōn bosque Sabile

arcilla azul en Sabile


Saturday evening we were cooking some cakes and in the end, after all dinner and the chill gatherings next to the fireplace, we made it. We were singing birthday songs in all languages possible with 4 different cakes! Such a magical moment where the speech of the oldest members and the new members of the board was the cherry of the cake.



gente en SAbile

birthday RVP tartas

tartas sabile

 Last day (sunday) Edīte and me we decided to come back to Liepāja after lunch, by hitchhiking aswell. It was raining and we were tired but in the end, again was very fast and pleasant experience. I'm really surprised about how good it works here in Latvia. Travelling in this way is such an experience, and if you ever come to Latvia or you're already here, I highly reccomend you to try it! :)

Tomorrow I'll start a new adventure, this time I won't hitchhike because I'm riding the bike... to Lithuania!!! But I'll tell you more in some days.


Until that, take care!