#10 Bike ride to the concert!



Hey hey hey!

I'm back to tell you our last adventure in this COVID times. 


I put you in context: there is a wonderful group of people in Latvia who are going on Velomūzika (BikeMusic) trips every summer. This summer they have chosen Kurzeme (the region of Latvia where's Liepāja) so it's nice, nice! BikeMusic means that they are musicians who cover some distance during the day and in the evening they have a concert in a nice place that usually provides a free stay and dinner in exchange of the concert.

On June 28, last Sunday, they were going to be in Tāšu manor, which is 18km away from Liepāja. So Ana Paula posted that event in our personal RVP facebook group, and we decided to go!

It took us about an hour and a half to get there. At the beginning the way was on a bike lane or asphalt road. The last few kilometers we did on a dirt road with many potholes, so it was an extra effort! But in the end, it was totally worth it for the beautiful landscapes that were around.

Go to concert

in the concert copia

la casica del concert


We arrived at Tāšu muižā just in time for the concert. There was a very nice atmosphere with people sitting around on the grass.

After the concert, the trip back was even more fun if possible! With the sunset around, I was literally dancing on the bicycle (recently acquired skill that I'm planning to put on my Youthpass haha ;-P) and enjoying the feeling of freedom that Latvian summer gives. It was a nice adventure for a regular June evening. :)))))


leaving the concert

linda coming backkk