#8 Update!

Hello lovely people,

It's been one month since I don't publish anything here, and I wanted to make a short update. So the things finally seems different. I can see the light after the storm with all this COVID19 situation...

On May 15 they opened the borders between the three Baltic countries and everything started to seem more normal. We continued working online for a bit and at the same time we prepared ourselves for the event that set the before and after of this strange situation that we were experiencing in the project: the trip to Zadiņi.

Zadiņi is a permaculture farm. The community that lives there keeps an open space for volunteers and other people who wants to come help to lead a sustainable lifestyle. The 4 of us (Radi vidi pats volunteers), as well as other volunteers around Latvia coordinated by our organization, met in that beautiful place from May 21 to 28, where we spent a wonderful week all together.

IMG 0296


Since we arrived back, the feeling in Liepāja has been quite diferent. The weather is muuuuch more warm, and the city, as the plants, is blooming. Summer vibes are amazing, there's a lot of people walking around, going to the beach, in the parks... It's full of life. What amazes me the most is the light. Same as in winter it was depressing and dark, now you can see light in the sky until almost midnight, crazy! I could get used to it, though. :P

Midsummer it's almost here. We're planning to spend Līgo in Coutryside, this time in Dimzēni. I feel so exited about it, since it's probably the biggest festivity here in Latvia, so I can't wait to experience the mega-traditional activities they're doing there. I'll tell you guys more, but it will be next week, when I'll be back again in Liepāja. Until then... big greetings! :)