#7 ESC Gifts!







 Hello again!


Today I want to speak about something cool that happened last week.

But first I want to tell you a bit about the volunteers of my organization. Radi Vidi Pats is placed in Liepāja. We're a team of 4 people from different countries: Luca from south Italy, Madalin from Romania, Tadej from Slovenia, and me. Luca lives with his couple, so the rest of us, we live together in other apartent. 

On May 12, we received some notices from the post office in our mailbox. It said we had some packages to collect. Madalin and I went to the post office and to our surprise, they were two large boxes, one for each.  We came home very excited and we open them as soon as we arrived. Inside there were lots of gifts from the Latvian National Agency with the European Solidarity Corps logo; including: a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, a biodegradable plastic bottle, a tote bag, a fanny pack, an 8gb flash drive, a smartphone holder, a notebook, a pen and many candies :) In addition, there was a letter written by the Latvian NA project coordinator encouraging us in these difficult times of COVID, and giving us ideas for activities that we can do as volunteers and also in our free time here during this period. This package made us the day, and the week! It was an exciting moment in all this strange situation!


IMG 20200515 WA0008


IMG 20200515 WA0012


Thanks to the Agency for taking such good care of us and allowing these projects to be possible! <3