#6 Valeria's interview


Name: Valeria Cont


Age: 19


Where are you from?: Italy (South Tyrol)


When did you arrive to Latvia?: End of October.


When is going to end your project?: End of June. 


In what city do you live?: Preili

 Valeria 1


What's the name of your organisation? Describe it. What were you doing there before the quarantine?: I was working in Preili free school. Every day I assisted in the kindergarden and prepared different crafts for small children. Once a week I helped the English teacher with lessons in schoolclass and gave German lessons to one pupil.

 Valeria 2

 Valeria 3


What happened when the quarantine started? Did your organisation closed?: Yes, the school had to close.


How were you feeling when everything started?: Not so bad. I thought the situation will not last that long, but after short time it turned out differently.


How is the situation in the place you live? (your city in Latvia) Is it different from the situation in your origin country?: The situation in Preili was totally different as in my hometown in Italy. In Italy there was total lockdown and you had to fill out a document to leave the house for walking or going to the shop. In Latvia the situation was less serious, but anyway on April 2 I returned home. The ambassy organized a special flight back to Italy and I decided together with my family to go back home.


What are your feelings now, during quarantine? How is your everyday routine?: Now that I am at home and my project is frozen, I have a lot of freetime. I`m still in contact with people I met in Latvia, I started learning guitar and inscribing me for universities.


Have you think on going home?: I think I don`t have to answer this question anymore;)


What are your expectations about the end of this situation?: I think I will not be able to go back to Latvia for my project. My project will finish in June and I don`t think hat borders will be open until then. I would have the possibility to add the three months I lost after June, but I will start working in my hometown as Child day care worker so I will not be able to do that. I see my project already as finished, but I would like to return in Latvia as a tourist and visit places which were on my list.