#2 Eva Mejías's interview


-Name: Eva Mejías.


-Age: 26.


-Where are you from?: Spain.


-When did you arrive to Latvia?: November 18th 2019.


-When is going to end your project?: November 18th 2020.


-In what city do you live?: Sigulda.



-Describe your organisation. What were you doing there before the quarantine?: Do More Be More -my organisation- is a Youth Center that  plans activities for youngsters, with their own ideas or with those that come from the municipality. My role there was teaching Spanish and assist my project coordinator and the project creator in their tasks.

 -What happened when the quarantine started? Did your organisation closed?: The Youth Center closed so my organisation did it too. But we talked one week after to start to think about online activities.

-How were you feeling when everything started?: I was feeling good because I saw this situation like an opportunity to be just with myself for a while, explore the city and do things that since I have been here, I´ve always wanted to do (drawing, cooking healthy, do exercise, go to the forest in the mornings...). And I think when this situation (quarantine) started I wasn't that aware as I am now.

-How is the situation in the place you live? (your city in Latvia) Is it different from the situation in your origin country?: Yes, is different. We can go outside for a walk, running, riding on the bicycle... In Spain you just can get out home to go to the supermarket and throw the garbage. That's because the situation related to infected and dead people is not the same.


-What are your feelings now, during quarantine? How is your everyday routine?: I am starting to feel like everyday is the same, but I'm trying to make it in a  different way and do other activities at different times. When it's sunny I usually have breakfast on the balcony, listening to music and enjoying the moment. Then I usually do some yoga and exercise for one hour or more. Then is lunch time, so I decide what I'm going to cook this day and I put some music meanwhile I start cooking. After that afternoons plans are more free. Depending on the day, I´m cleaning, going to the supermarket, riding on the bicycle, watching movies, reading books, drawing, playing ukulele...


I really flow with what my body needs and want and is a good feeling. Just listening to me and doing the thing I really want to do. If it is good weather I usually go to see the sunset near by my home. Then I cook something for dinner and just chill until I fall sleep. If it is bad weather the situation change a little bit. I'm staying more at home. So I'm looking forward for the good spring.





-Have you think on going home?: At the beginning of this, yes, I had. But then I realized that this is a good moment to be alone and enjoy. Apart from that, my country is less safe than Latvia right now.

-What are your expectations about the end of this situation?: I think in May centers they are going to slowly be opened, but maybe until July is not going to come back to normality here in Latvia. In other countries is going to be longer process. But I really don´t know, I don´t like to make assumptions about something nobody has any idea.