European volunteer service in Liepājas Katoļu pamatskola: a testimony of an intercultural art project for children.

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing,
there will be no result.

Mahatma Gandhi

34033963 10215105611547037 3238676529714036736 n Before starting to speak about my EVS, I would like to present myself.

 I am Camilla, from Italy, and I am living in Liepāja from the end of September 2017. I am half Italian and half Peruvian, so   travelling and knowing new cultures and places is something that I learned at home. I had the opportunity to live in different   countries and, in August 2017, I decided to try to apply for an EVS in Latvia, a country that I barely knew. When I said to my   family and to my friends that I had been chosen and I will be moved in less of a month, they thought that I was brave and a   little bit crazy, but I listened just myself and now I am here delighted with my choice. I decided to start this adventure as   volunteer in Liepājas Katoļu pamatskola because I would learn more about teaching, gained new skills and try a new   experience. I have a degree in child education and a master’s in art education, so this project fit with my studies and my   interests. When I arrived, I felt completely lost in a country where I didn’t understand the language. During the first month I   was thinking to give up and go back home a lot of times, but the school staff and my coordinating organization (Radi Vidi   Pats) were amazing helping me to feel welcomed. With the passage of time I am very happy here, the school for me is like   a home where to go and spent my days with the staff and the children. I am positive impressed for the incredible daily effort   of the teachers in their work for offer the best education to the pupils that could learn through the free expression of their   opinions and creativity.

9 months in the city were the wind was born

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 My time in the city, where the wind and rain were born together (from my autumn experience :), is getting over. Approximately in two weeks I will be back at home (Tbilisi, Georgia)
September, the beginning of the project was hard for me in the school as well as in the city. Due to the difference in culture, mentality, traditions, weather conditions, food etc. between Georgia and Latvia, the process of adaptation has extended even after on-arrival training, which was held at the end of September last year.
I started the project with the introductpry presentation about myself and the country I came from. I did it almost for each pupil. 

Lukrecija's story

First impressions

Since one year I am surrounded by diaries. I have always had the passion for writing, but I’ve never dedicated time to write a diary or a private copybook, before a year ago.

Some friends gave me diaries, in various periods and for different reasons, but I would leave them closed, like a decorative object.

I wouldn’t have patience, I wouldn’t do it on regular basis and I used to write once in a while. But something  changed and I took a copybook, completely new, with me, from Italy. I have begun writing just since the first day here! J

Zurab's and Sanja's stories

When I was 14 years old, firstly kept in touch with local NGO operating in my home-town. I was engaged in the several different activities organized by them for school students both in school-based and town-spread (clean-ups, charity actions, street actions, etc.). Since then I have had several volunteering experiences linked with local newspaper (I was voluntarily writing about local youth issues for them), local government (conducting touristic routes for the whole municipal area to support tourism development in the region of Guria), etc.

Lucija's story

I am a volounteer that signed up for a project called „No bikes, no party“ which accepts travelers in need of accommodation and gives them a place to sleep, eat, meet other people and participate in a wide arrange of workshops mostly covering travel related topics.

I remember my mom saying that I didn't start packing and preparing early enough. I disagreed: „I just don't like to live forward when I can live now.“ And being in such a mindset I didn't think much about my upcoming EVS until it really started happening.