New challenge

 I'm Giuseppe Aquaro and I'm a normal south italian guy. I come from a family with not a very good economic situation.
My dad is a metalworker in layoff, my mum is a housewife and help old people to earn a bit of money for us, I'm the oldest
of three sons. This situation was holding me back to do many things that for my peers are normal, one of these is travelling.
So I was working and studying, and with money that I earned I visited few places in the world. I like to travel and try new life
experiences, I think that it makes you understand what do you like and where you are, and this is “living the life”.I helped
to build a part of my countryside's house, gave food to my grandpa' s farm animals, worked in wineyard and in winery, in the
 restaurants, I worked with guys in  nuns oratory for many times but my profession is nurse and I like everything what is healthy:
sports, food and nature. Recently, I put myself at the service of nature in first line: I carry out cleaning of countryside streets and
rivalutation of my town's places. In Italy to be the nurse in a public hospital have to do public competitions with other nurses,
I made and passed many public competions but I'm only in a graded list and i'm waiting for the hospital to call me. I don't like to wait,
so I discover new experiences to fill my time and I went on EVS website to look for an experience for few months (because my
placement in the graded list isn't too far) but it wasn't easy,one day a saw this project in Latvia, a country that I've never seen
before. I saw the project but the desire to do something new was so big that I didn't care enough about the project. I just want to
take a challenge with me. I have always lived in Martina Franca, a nice town in Apulia. I have never been far from my town for such
a long time. I want to test myself again, and this is my challenge and I don't want be a loser.

Giuseppe Aquaro

Aizpute – Town of Adventures

  We are slowly getting to the half of our short-term EVS in Aizpute. For both of us it is very different experience compare to what are we living in our lifes in France and Czechia. The local life is much slower and closer to nature, most of the people don‘t know other languages than latvian, but here in SERDE we are meeting very various personalities of artists.
  All of that is, of course, quite challenging and the time of two months is not really long so it needs to think about logistics! Sometimes we need to wake up all our ability to make fun of any situations as our stay turned out as Aizpute want us to experience a lot in those two months. We got a robbery and stomach virus as well as we gained some kind of ability - or more unability to wash our laundry, since we are here, any washing machine haven‘t worked longer than one week. And much more. Come and ask! But let’s say, What’s not gonna kill us, makes us stronger and we are trying to keep that as our motto!

Sanja's EVS experience


My name is Sanja and I'm 26 years old volunteer from Croatia. I was bent around the idea of becoming an EVS volunteer since I went to my first youth exchange in one small Hungarian village 4 years ago. That incredible experience made me realize that it's a way better to spend your time in a remote, unknown village with some new amazing internationals than to visit big cities for a few days, by travel agencies, with your fellows, and just take photos, walk around, and go back home unchanged under the surface.

First I was just curious about EVS opportunities, what it was, etc., and, after participating in 3 training courses afterwards, and 2 more youth exchanges, I was determined to do it as well at one point of life. I've always wanted to travel in a no-tourist way, as it provides much more colourful experience, such as getting to know the local people and culture, as well as meeting interesting people from different countries with whom you share the same goal of making an impact on both yourselves and the local communities.

Denis' EVS story


My journey to Latvia

I want to express my acknowledgements to NGO Miroir Vagabond which introduced me to NGO Compagnons Bâtisseurs and its activities. Thanks to them it was possible to spend 6 weeks in Latvia during my project. And I want to tell my gratefulness to people of Radi Vidi Pats particularly to Linda, Agata, Zura and Sanja. 

 After preparatory meeting with Anne-Sophie COLLARD from Compagnons Bâtisseurs I was interested by different topics of the project.

One of the previewed themes was cycling as sustainable type of transportation (in Liepaja it was very easy to use bicycle, they are everywhere there).

Other things that I liked a lot were activities in Youth house, renovation of building of RVP and working in bio farm.

Moreover during this journey I travelled a lot that let me to discover new countries and new cultures.

European volunteer service in Liepājas Katoļu pamatskola: a testimony of an intercultural art project for children.

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing,
there will be no result.

Mahatma Gandhi

34033963 10215105611547037 3238676529714036736 n Before starting to speak about my EVS, I would like to present myself.

 I am Camilla, from Italy, and I am living in Liepāja from the end of September 2017. I am half Italian and half Peruvian, so   travelling and knowing new cultures and places is something that I learned at home. I had the opportunity to live in different   countries and, in August 2017, I decided to try to apply for an EVS in Latvia, a country that I barely knew. When I said to my   family and to my friends that I had been chosen and I will be moved in less of a month, they thought that I was brave and a   little bit crazy, but I listened just myself and now I am here delighted with my choice. I decided to start this adventure as   volunteer in Liepājas Katoļu pamatskola because I would learn more about teaching, gained new skills and try a new   experience. I have a degree in child education and a master’s in art education, so this project fit with my studies and my   interests. When I arrived, I felt completely lost in a country where I didn’t understand the language. During the first month I   was thinking to give up and go back home a lot of times, but the school staff and my coordinating organization (Radi Vidi   Pats) were amazing helping me to feel welcomed. With the passage of time I am very happy here, the school for me is like   a home where to go and spent my days with the staff and the children. I am positive impressed for the incredible daily effort   of the teachers in their work for offer the best education to the pupils that could learn through the free expression of their   opinions and creativity.